Details of Invited Buyers

Buyer information will be updated occasionally.

Florence Chua,
Managing Director, PCMA Asia Pacific


The Asian headquarters for the MICE industry association whose main members are organizers of corporate events and academic meetings. As an association, it hosts an annual meeting that tours Asia, and in recent years has explored destinations outside of Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Nitin Sachdeva,
President & CEO, Venture Marketing
SITE International Board of Directors


The company has originally started a destination rep business in India and working on outbound corporate incentive business based on its network of influential buyers in India, which was established last year.He is the incoming chairman of SITE International, and his international influence is increasing.

Jeannie Techasiriwan,
Special Events Deputy Director,
Amway (Thailand)


He/She is a corporate planner for Amway, one of the world’s largest corporate incentive organizers. Responsible for destination and supplier decisions for outbound projects from Thailand.

Mathias Posch
President, International Conference Services


It is one of the world leading core PCOs and the only core PCO with its own office in Japan. In Asia, they have their headquarters in Singapore and take care of many academic association meetings in which Japan is the one of their targets.

Amway Korea


He/She is a corporate planner for Amway, one of the world’s largest corporate incentive organizers. Responsible for destination and supplier decisions for outbound projects from Korea.

Amway Indonesia


He/She is a corporate planner for Amway, one of the world’s largest corporate incentive organizers. Responsible for destination and supplier decisions for outbound projects from Indonesia.



In recent years, they are increasingly playing the role of core PCO/DMC for events held by existing clients in other countries, and has an interest in Japan as a destination. They are good at sustainability and finance-related projects.

Acclaim SAVOIR


Based in Singapore, this agency specializes in corporate incentives, sending clients out to countries around the world. The representative has many years of profssional experience as an agent in the corporate incentive industry and had been invited to MICE trade shows in Asia as a VIP buyer before being independent.

IME Consulting


It is a leading MICE consulting company in China, and engaged in the design of outbound projects from China, not only for destination and supplier selection to design the programs. The representative is the founder of SITE China Chapter and is one of the most influential figures in the Chinese MICE industry.

Events Travel Asia


Although one of the leading DMCs in Thailand, in recent years it is increasingly playing the role of core DMC for events held by existing clients in other countries, and is interested in Japan as a destination for such events. The representative is an entrepreneur who is also expanding his business outside of the MICE area and is the first president of the SITE Thailand Chapter.

The Conference Room


It is Australia’s leading boutique incentive planning company, headed by the current president of SITE Australia / New Zealand Chapter. In addition to incentive projects, they also handle new product launches and roadshows for some of the world’s leading corporations.

East Star Event Management


A leading comprehensive MICE planning company in China, based in Shanghai. The company’s representative is the current chairman of the SITE China Chapter, and is involved in incentive projects for leading Chinese companies. In addition to incentives, the company also offers PCO services for academic societies and associations.

GIS Group


Taiwan’s leading PCO, playing a core PCO role in several medical congresses touring Asia and influential in selecting the venue of the congress.

Meeting and More


The leading MICE planning company in India. Its president is the current chairman of SITE India Chapter. In addition to corporate incentives, the company also owns a group company that operates the Core PCO business for international conferences based in India.

K.I.T Group


A leading Core PCO worldwide. They have many academic societies, primarily in the medical field, as their clients. In recent years, they have been focusing on activities in the Asian market and have assigned a leader to oversee Asia. They are actively exploring destinations in Asia.

Travel and Tourism Research Association


The society organizes international conferences that travel around Asia and serves as an ICCA Association Ambassador. Most recently, it held an international conference in Tokyo in 2014 and is currently considering hosting another international conference in Japan.

Nu Skin Korea


He/She is a corporate planner for Nu Skin, one of the world’s largest corporate incentive organizers. Responsible for destination and supplier decisions for outbound projects from Korea.

Conference &Exhibition Management Service


An exhibition organizer in Singapore led by a representative who has served as the head of Asian industry associations such as SACEOS and AFECA. It is one of the most influential exhibition organizers in Singapore and Asia, and actively promotes exhibition DX.

Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific


Asian association of development banks. As the founder of “Asia Pacific Federation of Association Organizations,” and an association of academic associations in Asia, the counselor who will be visiting Japan has great influence on the leaders of academic associations in Asia.



It is one of the leading private exhibition organizers in Korea, and its representative currently serves as the president of the Korea MICE Association. It has been actively introducing new high technologies in its exhibition business, not only in Korea but also overseas.

MC Planner


A member of SITE Thailand Chapter, they are an agent specializing in incentive programs, and are engaged in outbound business from Thailand to Asia and other overseas destinations. It not only arranges logistics, but is also deeply involved in the selection of destinations for organizers.

International Food & Beverage Association


It is an international organization based in Singapore, and their main business is conferences for about 200-300 people touring around Asia. It has never held a conference in Japan, and is highly interested in Japan as a near-future destination.

HAPA Group


A hospitality media company based in Malaysia. They have been holding award-type events (300-500 people) for hospitality industry professionals in Asia, touring Southeast Asia, and are interested in holding such events in Japan as they are considering holding them in East Asia.

Chris & Partners


It is one of the leading start-up PCOs in Korea and is also in the business of organizing international meetings to hold them in Asian countries. They are tech-oriented , as well and is one of the most advanced PCOs in Korea to work on the most innovative meeting design.



It is the largest private exhibition organizer in Malaysia, headed by the current president of AFECA (Asian Federation of Exhibition and Convention Association). It is actively expanding its exhibition business in Asia, holding exhibitions not only in Malaysia, but also in other Asian countries like Indonesia.

Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations


It is an association of Asian retailers and is based in the Philippines. It has a great interest in expanding their business through their hosted projects held in Asia, including active participation in Asian MICE trade shows as a hosted buyer.

Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association


An new industrial association that launched in 2017 and is based in Thailand. They are exploring other potential venues while holding events in Bangkok that bring together corporate firms and scientists related to next-generation energy, and have shown great interest in Japan.

Corporate Travel Services NEW!!


An agent specializing in corporate travel based in Singapore. In the area of corporate incentives, the company has a large number of clients including major business corporations and financial institutions, including Japanese companies, and is also expanding its business to Europe, mainly in Asia.

Italian Exhibition Groupn NEW!!


A leading European exhibition organizer based in Italy. In recent years, the company has been interested in the Asian market, and in fact, it has been expanding its portfolio in Asia by acquiring some exhibitions from a leading exhibition organizer in Singapore by M&A.