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We provide exhibition logo and banner for use in printed publications and online. You may freely download and use them.

Exhibition Logo


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MICE EXPO 2022 logo

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Exhibition Logo (.eps/zip)


MICE EXPO 2022 banner

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Guideline for using logos and banners

  1. These logos and banners may only be used to introduce the exhibition or on announcements and other information from exhibitors.
  2. Please use only the logos and banners that are provided on this page.
    • Processing or modification of the logo and banner images is prohibited.
  3. This site may be linked to freely. However, please note the following points.
    • Please clearly describe the link as going to this site.
    • Please do not link to parts of content or media within pages (such as to image files).
    • URLs may be changed or deleted without notice.
  4. Links from sites that our secretariat deems unacceptable will be refused.